Device are closing down their touring for the time being as David Draiman has decided to remain at home with his wife, who recently had some complications with her pregnancy.

Draiman revealed at the Revolver Golden Gods earlier this year that he and his wife were expecting their first child and the singer has been anxiously awaiting the birth ever since. He recently was seen sharing a touching moment with his wife onstage at the final date of Gigantour, expressing how happy he was to see her after spending the summer on the road.

In a Facebook message explaining the cancellation of the band's immediate dates, the Device page stated:

Due to complications with his wife's pregnancy, David has chosen to stay close to home until the baby is born. All scheduled tour dates between now and the due date of the first week in October have been canceled.

Device have been supporting their debut disc, with their second single 'You Think You Know' climbing the charts.