With Disturbed fully reactivated, David Draiman's project Device has been put aside with no intentions at this point to record another album. The band was formed during Disturbed's hiatus and quickly gained traction with their debut album, but before they could truly make their impact, the project came to a halt. Andre 'Virus' Karkos, the guitarist for Device, had larger aspirations for the band and believes their initial success could have been just the beginning.

In an interview with Talk Toomey, Virus reflected on what the band had accomplished, but couldn't help but relish in what could more the band could have achieved, stating, "Device was extremely successful for the little time it was around. If it just was left to do what it was supposed to do and we gave it the proper time and attention, like we were gonna, that band would have been huge. I have no doubt about that."

Backing up his sentiments, the six-stringer discussed the band's accolades, adding, "The first single went to No. 1. Things were great, and we sold a bunch of records. I think that we were at 110,000 records when David [Draiman] pulled the plug." Riding the heels of their success, the band had secured an opening slot on a massive tour. Virus goes on to say, "The tour that we walked away from before it was all over was Avenged Sevenfold headlining, Five Finger Death Punch was main support, and then it was Device. That was the tour that we had lined up, and David walked away. That band could have been a really large band."

Device had canceled all of their scheduled dates prior to the tour as well. Draiman's wife Lena had been experiencing some complications with her pregnancy in August of 2013 as they anxiously welcomed the birth of their first child. While Lena gave birth to a healthy boy in September of 2013, Draiman chose to cancel the winter European tour to spend time with his family.

Disturbed announced their return in June of this year and topped the charts for the fifth straight time with their comeback album Immortalized.

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