There's more drama in the Hollywood Undead camp. Former frontman Deuce is now suing his ex-bandmates, whom he accuses of assaulting him earlier this year. He remains convinced that his former compadres kicked his ass, and he is still suffering from the effects of the beating.

Deuce – that's Aron Erlichman on his birth certificate and other legal documents- exited the band in 2010 and things have not been amicable, pleasant or hunky dory since. He has accused Funny Man (born Dylan Alvarez) and J-Dog (aka Jorel Decker) of orchestrating an attack which took place after one of his solo gigs in Los Angeles on May 25.

Deuce filed a police report after the fact, claiming that his attackers jumped him after he exited the venue. He was punched, kicked and stomped while someone videotaped the happenings. We're not even going to comment on how videotaping an assault is a stupid thing to do, if it was indeed captured.

He is suing for unspecified damages, claiming that the beating he was administered has caused permanent damage.

It doesn't seem like these guys will ever get along, and that a reunion, which die-hard fans undoubtedly hope for down the road, is not only unlikely but impossible.

Are you on Team Deuce or Team Hollywood Undead?

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