When Destroyer 666 ripped Brooklyn, N.Y. a new one on Monday night with openers Agrath, Open Grave and Negative Plane, we were also presented with the key ingredients to a messy mosh pit. This blackened metal concoction included some staples: contagiously sweating shirtless guy, one missing shoe guy and drunk girl in a black denim miniskirt (but, she's only on part-time duty) on a naturally slimy floor.

Even though there were not enough people for a crowd surf, people were still trying. Hails and headbangs were urgent, but not enough to feed the corrective reaction for this kind of speed and darkness.

I could tell -- not by professional polling, but by professional metalhead observation -- that the majority of people at Europa had only gotten a glimpse at Destroyer 666's Maryland Deathfest performance back in May. They wanted more. By neglecting an encore chant at the end of the night, it seemed everyone got just the right amount of galloping metal they needed.

The four Australian natives that make up Destroyer 666 moved to various cities in Europe a couple years ago to make touring life a little more accessible for the satanic thrashers. Yet, their U.S. touring schedule is as sparse as could be, making their N.Y.C. stop on Monday night a special one. Their latest album, 'Defiance,' was released on Season of Mist in July.

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