Black metal iconoclasts Wolves in the Throne Room have announced their first headlining US tour. Support will come from the likes of Krallice, A Storm of Light, Thrones, and more. Their latest album, 'Black Cascade', has been met with overwhelming critical acclaim, and will be available soon from Southern Lord. Wolves in the Throne Room have also been added to this year's Maryland Deathfest, appearing alongside Mayhem, Destroyer 666, Absu, Bolt Thrower, Atheist, Aura Noir and tons more. They are currently on tour on the West Coast with Pelican and Tombs, and take it from someone who's seen them multiple times and been absolutely blown away at each show - you NEED to see this band live.

BAD NEWS: Chicago psychedelic black metallers Nachtmystium have officially dropped off their highly-anticipated co-headlining US/Canada spring tour with The Haunted. According to a bulletin posted by Nachtmystium, "Front-man Blake Judd had an accident and broke his leg last weekend and will be in a cast for the next twelve weeks and may need surgery." My (and Noisecreep's) condolences to the band. Here's hoping their next tour goes a bit smoother.

BUY THIS: My two latest obsessions - 'Mysticism,' the latest full-length from atmospheric Ukrainian black metallers Khors (Paragon Records), and Philly blackthrash wrecking crew Infernal Stronghold's split 7" with Indonesian grind 'heads Gatt (released by Bullshit Propaganda Records & Metal War Productions). Also, the new Absu still rules. Have you bought it yet? You should really get on that, bro.

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