Closing this year's famed Montreux Jazz Festival, Deep PurpleIan Gillan (vocals), Ian Paice (drums), Roger Glover (bass), Steve Morse (guitar), Don Airey (keyboards) – floored everyone in attendance with a special orchestra-accompanied set of their classic hits. 'Live at Montreux 2011' captures the entire set and hits stores this week.

Lead by Stephen "BK" Bentley-Klein, the orchestra's elegant power combined with Purple's ballsy hard rock, is a match made in heaven, giving the material a unique and refreshing new look. Throughout the concert, the band is clearly enjoying the musical union and gives one of Purple's most energized performances in recent memory.

Noisecreep is pleased to bring you the online premiere of 'Highway Star,' the classic rock radio staple that kicks off the new DVD/Blu-Ray and CD.

Watch Deep Purple's 'Highway Star (live at Montreux 2011)' Video
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'Deep Purple + Orchestra: Live At Montreux 2011' is out now via Eagle Rock Entertainment. The DVD and Blu-Ray releases are presented in high definition, while the 2-CD set features DTS Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, and Dolby Digital Stereo.

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