Creed singer Scott Stapp recently paid a humanitarian visit to Japan to mark the one-year anniversary of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that leveled the country. When Stapp visited the Ishinomaki region to see a devastated school and meet survivors living in a shelter, he revealed that his heart was broken by what his eyes were exposed to.

Stapp documented the journey via Twitter, where he posted tweets and uploaded images of what he witnessed. He wrote: "My heart breaks for the victims. One year ago, our friends in Japan suffered a catastrophe of epic proportions. We will not forget the orphans, widows and families that lost every possession they have known."

He also posted: "Music therapy session IsraAID shelter. Goal 2help them escape depression/trauma/shock & feel hope/joy again." We're glad to see Stapp doing his part to help the less fortunate and the victims of this natural disaster, and to continue to raise awareness of those who are still attempting to rebound from the tragedy.

Stapp is also scheduled to perform a concert for U.S. military personnel stationed in the country. He wrote: "God bless all those at the US Embassy and our troops on the ground providing medical care, meals and shelter. I am looking forward to performing for our troops stationed in Japan and to let them know that we appreciate the hard work, compassion, and sacrifice required for such an extraordinary humanitarian relief effort."

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