This week, Stryper bandleader Michael Sweet praised rock singer Scott Stapp and the band that Stapp helped bring to fame, Creed. The respect apparently goes both ways, as Stapp responded with mutual praise.

In an Instagram post on Sunday (March 27), the vocalist and guitarist behind the Christian hair metal legends in Stryper commended Stapp for both his artistry and his journey. He said that the post-grunge anthems of Creed have inspired many, and he opined that the band "brought back" heavy guitars in the '90s.

Alongside a portrait of the Creed vocalist, Sweet wrote, "I'm very proud of [Stapp] — not just for what he's accomplished but more importantly, who he's become through those accomplishments."

He continued, "When music was changing so dramatically and drastically in the '90s, it was difficult sometimes for me to relate to many bands from that era."

That's when Creed "came along and changed that for me personally,” the Stryper figurehead said. “They brought back (IMO) heavy guitars mixed with great melodies and most importantly, inspiring lyrics that changed lives and hearts."

"There was real value there,” Sweet added. “That's what matters. Substance. I was always a fan and will always be. I'm proud to see Scott doing so well and still releasing powerful and meaningful music. God bless you Scott and all that you do."

Stapp, who's continued a solo career since Creed's last reunion culminated in 2012, responded to Sweet with kind words on Twitter and Instagram.

Stapp said, "Brother…this means so much to me. You have inspired and influenced me on so many levels you have no idea. Thank you for your 'powerful and meaningful' music that helped shape me, encourage me, comfort me and inspire me."

He added, "Without you and [Stryper] I can honestly say I would not have followed the path God had for me. You were HIS voice to my heart. You are a LEGEND and I am humbled that you even know who I am. God bless you and your family my friend."

See the exchange below.

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