Swedish hard rock heroes Crazy Lixx will release their third album, Riot Avenue, on April 24. The album features a grittier sound and a new second guitarist named Edd Liam.

"Edd really fits in well! Great guitar player and friend... it started back after the New Religion album, that's when we knew we needed more guitars so that's when Edd joined," explains Crazy Lixx guitarist Andy Dawson. "Edd's been playing with us live for almost two years now and this third album was his first with the band and it turned out great."

Forming in 2002, Crazy Lixx have a throwback '80s vibe, but that doesn't mean they are not current. Dawson knows the band gets compared to '80s mega-stars like Def Leppard and Bon Jovi, and takes it all in stride... while keeping true to his band's own vision.

Listen to an Album Preview of 'Riot Avenue'

Crazy Lixx worked with producer Robert Ahrling on Riot Avenue. "We just wanted to do an album with no boundaries, no 'can't do this or that,' just record what we heard and try to get that on tape," Dawson explains. "Of course, we got tired of sounding like other bands, bands you can clearly hear we've taken inspiration from and a sound not so original. I'm not saying that all of those things have changed but the most important ones have."

Riot Avenue will hit stores on April 24 via Frontiers.

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