"We try to write music the way it was before grunge came and killed it all off," explains Crazy Lixx singer Danny Rexon. "I feel that the evolution of hard rock or heavy metal hasn't been very good since then. So why should I pick up where the bands are now, instead of going back to before, when I thought things went wrong?"

All the writers for Noisecreep have the special opportunity to interview just about every band in any genre of metal, from the biggest acts on the planet to those just starting out. While it's always an honor to chat with a member of Metallica or Mastodon, sometimes it is especially exciting to catch a newer band on the way up. Enter Sweden's Crazy Lixx, a mix of '80s Sunset Strip glam and modern, fat production. The band is on the cusp of releasing 'New Religion,' their first for Frontiers. The album will also see Crazy Lixx's official introduction into the American market. The fact that Frontiers has decided to distribute 'New Religion' to most parts of the globe says a lot about the future of the band. Not that it's all been a fairytale, mind you.

When guitarist Vic Zino left Crazy Lixx to join Sweden's massively successful rock outfit Hardcore Superstar, the remaining members of Crazy Lixx were worried their band was done. Instead, the addition of Andy Dawson meant a true songwriting partner for Rexon and a renewed chance to rise to the top of Sweden's cutthroat music scene.

"I think that the music climate as a whole in Sweden is very competitive," Rexon said. "We have nine million people in this country, but we are a big exporter of music -- not just hard rock and metal but all kinds of music. Basically, there's no place to be second best. You get forgotten. You have to know your stuff. I think that competition helps pick out bands that really rise above. I think it's always been like that in Sweden. Music is all around. Half the people who go to concerts are musicians themselves. To impress them, you've got to do something special."

The members of Crazy Lixx hope they've achieved that "something special" with 'New Religion.' The album title references hope and rebirth, two things the remaining Crazy Lixx members were searching for after the departure of Zino.

"After Vic left the band, we were down. Basically, it slowed everything for us. I think if it hadn't been for finding Andy as quickly as we did, things might have been very different. He brought us that energy that pushed us to continue," admits Rexon.

Renowned musician and producer Chris Laney twiddled the knobs, helping the young band make the most of their studio time. Laney also produced the 2007 Crazy Lixx album 'Loud Minority.'

'New Religion' will be available in America April 6. Crazy Lixx will tour their native Sweden in early summer.

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