Continuance, Rise Records' melodic hardcore quintet (and occasional quartet), released their first full-length, 'Carry Ourselves' in late April. Instead of letting a higher-profile studio do their recording, the band went with a mostly-unknown sibling duo in StudiOtte. "We wanted to make sure Max [Hatlum, guitarist and main songwriter] felt the most comfortable," drummer John Saad told Noisecreep in an interview.

"We came down to it, we did a vote and you know," Saad said. "Studiotte is not a really well-known studio, and we know all about that. We're a hardcore band ourselves, so any time we get a chance to help someone out as we want to be helped out, of course we want to give that person a chance."

Continuance was either going to hire StudiOtte or Greg Thomas of Silver Bullet Studios, who has worked on albums like Shai Hulud's 'Misanthropy Pure', and Saints Never Surrender's 'Brutus' -- an album on which some members of Continuance played.

"[StudiOette has] worked with Saints for quite a while now," Saad explained, "and they have a good friendship and when you are recording a full-length for a month you definitely want to go with someone that you feel super comfortable with. It was either [them] or Greg. He's a great guy, not to mention he does really great recordings ... Greg's done some great records ... but when it came down to it, Max felt that there was a sense of loyalty between him and Studiotte, and since he is the guy pumping out the music."

Saad emphasized the desire to help out lesser-known colleagues in the scene who is struggling to create a name for themselves. "If this record sounds awesome, which we anticipate it will," Saad continued. "Hopefully people will be like, 'Man, I don't know where Continuance recorded. I'll have to look that up. I like the guy that recorded them.' And hopefully it will get more business for StudiOtte. Whereas Greg, he's already got some great records under his belt, so he's already got pretty much everything he needs."

Saad explained that they loved Thomas' recording work as well and were considering recording a seven-inch record with him sometime after 'Carry Ourselves' is released.

Continuance have select festival dates planned for the summer to support 'Carry Ourselves.'

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