Shai Hulud’s Matt Fox and Matt Fletcher Talk Horror Movies
Last week we posted a huge list featuring hard rock and metal musicians talking about their favorite horror films. Even though they missed the deadline to get their picks in, Shai Hulud's Matt Fox (guitars) and Matt Fletcher (bass) sent in such detailed responses that Noisecreep had to give them their own post...
The Great Commission Don’t Mind Touring With Non-Christians
The Great Commission are currently in between tours right now, but earlier in the year while on the Abominable Snow Tour, the Southern Californian band received some criticism because of a few of the bands on the tour. "We've been actually getting a lot of flack from Christians," vocalist and leadman Justin Singh told Noisecreep, "asking why we would tour with non-Christian bands..
The Great Commission’s Gear Unmoved After Crash
Southern California's hardcore sextet the Great Commission experienced some winter-related road troubles on the aptly-titled Abominable Snow Tour. "We actually ended up spinning out on some black ice," vocalist Justin Singh told Noisecreep...
The Red Chord Lose Drummer, Recruits Original Kitman
Boston metallers the Red Chord have lost drummer Brad Fickeisen. However, the departure won't impact the band's forthcoming touring plans, as original Red Chord kitman Michael Justian has returned to the fold. Justian has not publicly appeared with the group since 2004's Maryland Deathfest, and he's since spent time in Unearth, Trap Them, Earth Crisis, Shai Hulud and 108...
Shai Hulud’s Matt Fox Gets Old School With Gaming
"I have nine," guitarist Matt Fox of Shai Hulud answered Noisecreep when asked how many board games he has. "Maybe more than the average person, but not many. If I really wanted to think about it, I could name them all right now." Board games -- those flat, unanimated pieces of cardboard that came with perhaps some cards and little plastic baubles -- have fallen out of vogue w
Shai Hulud’s Name: A Case of Mistaken Identity
Anyone acquainted with melodic hardcore knows Shai Hulud and their unique sound. And most already know the name was adopted from the desert worm creature from Frank Hebert's 'Dune' books. But most don't know the full story that led to their moniker...

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