All that's left is blood for Chimaira. Well, that and singer Mark Hunter. The Cleveland band has gone through quite a few lineup changes since its "core" roster of players made a metallic racket in the early '00s. Despite the revolving door membership, the sonic ferocity and artistry remain. The video for 'All That's Left Is Blood,' from 'Crown of Phantoms,' out today (July 30), reminds us of that.

The clip is quite a sanguine affair, with some blood-dipped visuals mixed with footage of the band members performing and putting a hurt on their individual instruments. While they were likely performing over and over in a sterile, empty room while shooting the video, the band acted like it was Madison Square Garden.

The footage is somewhat visually distorted with a veil of red over it, so you are never quite sure who or what you are looking at. But there is plenty of discernible headbanging.

The band members are submerged in liquids -- presumably something meant to resemble blood-- making eye contact with the camera before going under and coming back up for air while drenched in plasma.

It's creepy in the best sort of way. It's not gory, but it is...

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