Good news to report, as Chimaira singer Mark Hunter has undergone successful cancer surgery. Hunter had his thyroid removed to battle Papillary thyroid cancer, which has a high cure rate.

The musician revealed his battle with cancer earlier this month, sharing half his thyroid had been removed for testing following two inconclusive needle biopsies. One he tested positive, Hunter scheduled a second surgery for Aug. 12, followed by radioiodine therapy under the care of doctors in Cleveland.

“You guys and gals are my extended family, and I'm thankful to have you by my side after all these years. I truly appreciate it. My hope is this inspires you to stay on top of your health. A routine physical could save your life,” Hunter wrote via Facebook.

After his Aug. 12 surgery, Hunter once again updated fans, joking around from his hospital bed:

I wanted to say thank you for the thousands of messages I received wishing me well.
I read them all.
Keeping y’all informed was the catharsis I needed.
I went from freaked out to back to myself almost immediately. So thank you again.
2nd surgery went well. I’m in minor pain but mostly I’m just starving.
Like Chris Farley in the SNL “Lay off me I’m starving!!!” skit.
Love y’all!

Chimaira split up in 2014 after every member except Hunter exited the band. A one-off reunion of the band’s classic lineup took place in 2017.

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