Chimaira's album 'Crown of Phantoms' comes out on July 30, and the group has posted the new video for their single 'No Mercy' to ramp up expectations for the release. It's not exactly a peaceful or serene clip from the metal band, but if you love stories with a dark and twisted edge, Chimaira has your fix.

"We are pumped to present the first official video for our new album 'Crown of Phantoms,'" says frontman Mark Hunter, who plays a mentally unstable and ultimately doomed guy in the clip. "Directed by Cleveland native Patrick Finegan, 'No Mercy' is a ferocious, twisted, cerebral ride through hell and back. Enjoy the trip!"

After watching the video and seeing Hunter apparently trapped in a coffin (or is it a box?), one wonders if he actually makes it out of his own personal hell. The video, shot with blurred images of girls dancing in the background and a mysterious woman donning a red outfit (we're assuming she's the devil), takes us on a surreal ride through a man's ultimate nightmare. Upon confronting his demons, he brandishes a gun and points it to a reflection of himself. We're assuming you know what happens next.

The group hit the road this summer in support of 'Crown of Phantoms,' which is available for pre-order (along with the single) on iTunes.

Watch Chimaira's 'No Mercy' Video

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