Melodic rock powerhouse Cavo are gearing up for the release of 'Thick as Thieves,' their third studio album. After parting ways with Reprise Records, the St. Louis rockers joined forces with Eleven Seven Music, also home to acts like Sixx:A.M. and Crossfade.

Although 'Thick As Thieves' won't be out till later this year, Noisecreep got its hands on 'Celebrity,' a new track from the record. "The song is basically about the inner-struggles with getting everything you wish for... from being no one to being a huge star. But it's also about the view from the outside looking in, the perception and disappointment of the public," the band tells Noisecreep.

Check out our exclusive premiere below, but wait -- we have more!

Cavo bassist Brian Smith sent us a tour survival guide that every musician should check out. It's the kind of stuff only a road warrior like Smith could pen.

Listen to 'Celebrity' From Cavo

Rules to Live by While on the Road: While Touring by Van Edition

By Cavo bassist Brian Smith

1. Never assume you can't get lost while using a navigation system. We think the fine folks at Garmin throw you a curve ball every so often just to make sure you are paying attention. Also even though it tells you to make an illegal U-turn as soon as possible, make sure your friendly neighborhood police officer isn't following behind you, pointing at the Garmin and telling him/her it told me to do it will not get you out of the ticket.

2. A quarter of a tank does not mean keep driving another hour or so because you don't want to stop right now. What is does mean is stop at the closest gas station that sells diesel. You don't know how far it is to the next one. Pushing a van with a trailer or walking several miles are things you don't want to do at night as 18 wheelers zoom by at 90 miles an hour.

3. Treat your road bound living space like your home. Spilled salsa doesn't just go away. What it does do is act like an air fresher that reminds you that it's Cinco De Mayo for days or acts as an accessory to what ever you are wearing. Red goes with every thing right?

Watch Cavo's 'Thick as Thieves' Video

4. Just because it's free does not mean it's always good. Well drinks in bars are best used as a paint stripper for aircrafts and cars or to sanitize a bullet wound in the wild wild west!

5. The hood of the van is not a dance floor or a stripper pole. Only one band can and should ever get away with this and that's white snake!!

6. Make sure the electric locks of the van work if #5 ever happens (see #5 above). Yelling what the %*&$#%@ will not make it stop, it's just better to be prepared and remember children, look away!!!

7. Truck stops are not your friend. They sell all the things that at 3am seem like a good idea but are not good ideas at all. Beef jerky, slim jims, corn nuts etc are very bad things when you're on the road. If you don't believe me check out any truck stop restroom, I dare you oh and tell Jim Bob the trucker we said hey!!

8. At 3am Denny's is your friend!!!!

9. The dried up piece of cheddar cheese from the meat tray that has been sitting out for hours should never be consumed!! Triple dog dares mean nothing as the greasy yet sharp and pointy substance rips your throat open like a hot knife through butter. On a similar note, it also should not be used as a throwing ninja star. Singers only look cool with eye patches in movies staring Johnny Depp!

10. Don't go ninja-in' nobody that doesn't need ninja-in'!!!

Cavo's 'Thick as Thieves' will hit stores later this year.

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