In moves that are as exciting as that show 'The Amazing Race,' last week's new releases have picked up some steam on the charts, as reported by the crew at Metal Insider. Now as they say, any publicity is good publicity and with the ongoing feud between Fear Factory's Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares showing no signs of slowing down, it's evident that the focus has redirected. Many eyes and ears have gravitated towards the latest Fear Factory release, pushing in 3,000 units off the retail shelves this past week, along with a debut on the charts. Following behind is Boston hardcore's Death Before Dishonor, who celebrated 750 units sold in their release's first week. Our only hope is that we see more mosh pits on the subway now.

So with last week behind us, what should you keep on the lookout for? Well we're glad you asked ...

Behemoth - 'Evangelion' - Metal Blade
Currently slaying audiences left and right at this year's Rock Star Energy Mayhem Fest, it's time to slather on the corpse paint on and pick up the latest from Metal Blade's blackened death metal quartet. Be sure to check out the bonus DVD, which documents the recording process for the band's 9th studio album along with some exclusive band photos.
Download 'Evangelion'

Winds Of Plague - 'The Great Stone War' - Century Media
Black metal and symphonic metal go together like peanut butter and jelly, but the combo of deathcore and symphonic? That's like peanut butter and Fluff; it's not quite so common. Believe it, though, since Winds of Plague have combined the styles. The sophomore release for the Upland, Calif. band is available this week for the metal legions. The additions of drummer Art Cruz and former Abigail Williams keyboardist Kristen Randall on this release are reason enough to scoop it up.
Download 'The Great Stone War'

Swashbuckle - 'Back to the Noose' - Nuclear Blast
If you got the opportunity to catch these guys on this year's Paganfest, you'll know that boring does not exist in their vocabulary, or their show! Fusing the finest in folk, thrash and pirate metal -- oh yeah, it does exist -- be sure to scop out the latest from Swashbuckle. If you don't, then get a-steppin' and walk the plank! Ahoy matey!
Download 'Back to the Noose'

Cavo - 'Bright Nights * Dark Days' - Reprise
If you want to take a step back from the unintelligible growling and lightning fast melodies of most metal albums, this is an album that should show up on your radar. Cavo offers a post-grunge sound with a hard rock feel and thought-provoking lyrics on love, life and all that each entails. This is a must have for fans of Shinedown and Daughtry.
Download 'Bright Nights * Dark Days'

Your Demise - 'Ignorance Never Dies' - Earache
America's hardcore legacy is that of bands paving the way for the new acts of the 21st century, crossing borders, boundaries and oceans! The influence has taken hold of the UK's very own Your Demise -- and their American debut for new label home Earache Records. Fusing traditional hardcore with heavy and metallic breakdowns, 'Ignorance Never Dies' is for fans of This Is Hell as well as No Turning Back and Down To Nothing.
Download 'Ignorance Never Dies'

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