We Are the Fallen

The lucky few who make it far on 'American Idol' usually leave the show with an established fan base to support a solo career. While not all 'Idol' alums are solo stars, most go this route. Then there's Carly Smithson, a season seven contestant who is now the lead singer of rock outfit We Are the Fallen. Sometimes, solo stars don't fit with an already-established group. For Smithson, the band completes her.

"Definitely for me, this is 10 times better," Smithson told Noisecreep via phone from London. "I feel there's always somebody to call to go do something. We're all traveling together or, 'Hey, do you want to write a song?' It's very cool to be all five together at all times. It's very different, though. The whole idea of it -- it takes a minute to get used to, but I would not have it any other way now."

Three members of We Are the Fallen are founders of Evanescence. Unsurprisingly, some fans have immediately dismissed We Are the Fallen as an Evanescence clone. To them, Smithson has some very pointed words, simply arguing "[Those fans] haven't heard our record." The silence after the deadpan comment means business and also alludes to the fact that the WATF know they have something to prove every time they play a gig.

To be sure, in a world where every album seems to leak online eons before the scheduled release date, Universal Republic is keeping a close eye on We Are the Fallen's debut. This is helping to ramp excitement and the curiosity factor. Of course, it's always hard to play an entirely unknown album for a live audience, but Smithson and the rest of We Are the Fallen say they are up to the challenge. The band is currently supporting HIM on an American tour. The band's debut, 'Tear the World Down,' will be released May 11. The first single is 'Bury Me Alive.'

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