Metal and horror films enjoy a symbiotic relationship. What sounds better accompanying a gory, bloody death scene than a face-melting, ear-grinding metal song?

The new horror tour de force 'The Orphan Killer' follows serial killer Marcus Miller -- who has aspirations, like teaching his sister the meaning of familial loyalty -- and he administers lessons with unimaginable pain. His sibling turns out to have a similar bloodlust, which is apparently a Miller family trait.

"'The Orphan Killer' is the new horror icon, and its soundtrack is made of future metal gods," Director Matt Farnsworth said. "Never before has a film and soundtrack been combined to create an instant icon in the horror genre."

Bullet Tooth is releasing the soundtrack, which features songs from the likes of First Blood, Asking Alexandria and Anew Revolution to this horror romp, because label head Josh Grabelle had such success when releasing the 'Saw VI' soundtrack when he was operating under the Trustkilll name.

"Last year, [Trustkill] put together the soundtrack for the film 'Saw VI,' and it was a pretty big success," Grabelle told Noisecreep. "It was the highest selling soundtrack in the 'Saw' franchise -- and more importantly, fans loved the songs and the bands that were on it. We've been speaking with the director for 'The Orphan Killer' for over a year now, as they have been finishing up the film and using our music.

"I pitched the idea to include a soundtrack with the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the film for the horror and music fans that will instantly love the heavy and brutal score that goes along with it. The soundtrack opens with First Blood screaming, 'They drew first blood not f---ing me!' How can you not love a soundtrack like that?"

'The Orphan Killer Original Motion Picture Soundtrack' will be sold exclusively on Facebook, with the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the film being released on Valentine's Day. How fitting.

'The Orphan Killer Original Motion Picture Soundtrack' track list

1. First Blood -- 'First Blood'

2. Affiance -- 'Nostra Culpa'

3. Asking Alexandria -- 'Someone, Somewhere'

4. Deception of a Ghost -- 'These Voices'

5. Anew Revolution -- 'Head Against the Wall'

6. This or the Apocalypse -- 'Charmer'

7. Most Precious Blood -- 'A Danger to Myself and Others'

8. A Bullet for a Pretty Boy -- 'The Deceiver'

9. Dawn of Ashes -- 'Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon'

10. First Blood -- 'Conflict'

11. Born of Osiris -- 'Follow the Signs'

12. No Bragging Rights -- 'Death of an Era'

13. First Blood -- 'Execution'