Bullet for my Valentine

Welsh metallers Bullet for My Valentine are gearing up for a new album and summer tour. 'Fever' is set for release April 27 in America, and the band will immediately head to the States for a series of headline shows.

"Musically, we kind of had a basic discussion on where we wanted to take it," Bullet for My Valentine vocalist Matt Tuck explains to Noisecreep of the songwriting process behind 'Fever.' "[We] kind of reverted to [what] we did on 'The Poison' really ... and tried to make things a bit more 'classic sounding,' so to speak. We just kind of wanted to make things a bit more midtempo, a bit more kind of hard rock sounding with a bit of thrash influences in there rather than 'light' like we did on the last one. It's mainly the hard rock vibe we wanted to go for musically but obviously keeping Bullet's signature part in the there."

For Tuck, that "signature" is the band's dual melodic guitar harmonies: catchy, infectious riffs that make you want to sing along. Even with the big hooks, a lot of the songs on 'Fever' explore dark themes and bend between heavy thrash and modern rock.

'Fever' features 11 tracks, all written between April and December of 2009. Don Gilmore produced 'Fever.' This is the band's second album for Jive Records.