Fans of 'Batman' villains might do a double take if they see the cover of Taletellers' sophomore effort, 'Radicalized.' The German rockers hired legendary metal cover artist Mark Wilkinson to paint a Two-Face-esque figure for their latest album cover. "At first sight, the concept seems to be pretty simple: two-face, the classic good/bad concept," Taletellers guitarist and vocalist Alan Costa told Noisecreep recently. "But if you look closely you may ask yourself, 'What side of the face is really the good side, and which is the bad one?'"

Wilkinson, who also designed covers for Taletellers' previous releases, is well-known in the metal scene. The artist has done artwork for the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, and Europe, as well as newer bands like Funeral for a Friend and Bullet for My Valentine. Taletellers were more than excited to work with him again. "In our opinion he is one of the best, if not the best, cover artist in the history of rock music," Costa said. "We're really happy to have the opportunity to work with him and he once again did a phenomenal job!"

As with a lot of artwork, Costa sees Wilkinson's work as open to interpretation -- within reason. "We just wanted to set the overall thematic frame, but it is up to the viewer what he or she really wants to see."

"Why is the halo above the two sides, not just above one?" Costa asked, rhetorically. "What side drives the guy to shoot himself? Which side of him is the real one, which one is the disguise? Which side is really the radicalized one? Can I be radicalized? Can my best friend be radicalized? Can everybody be radicalized?"

Catch Taletellers on tour in Europe this spring.

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