Ensconced in the lounge section of his tour bus, Bullet for My Valentine lead singer-guitarist Matt Tuck reflected not just on the band's mega-success as part of the soon-to-concluded Uproar Tour, but on something more important - his little boy.

"I know it sounds like a bit of a cliche but being a father truly has been been life-changing - the essence of being an adult. It's heart-melting and heartbreaking at the same time because I miss him a lot, touring America as long as we have this summer while he's home in England."

They stay in close touch via various communication technologies but for Tuck, there's nothing like being there in person with his 17-month-old son who, as it turns out, is a big Bullet for My Valentine fan.

"Daddy is definitely his favorite band," Tuck told Noisecreep. "He goes out of his mind when he hears it, air-drumming all over the place. Obviously he doesn't know it's actually me, but something connects with him in the music I've written and he goes mental when he hears it!"

Tuck also offered that the band's huge success back home will more family time. "From a touring point of view, we've reached the arena level now in Europe so it means less shows, but we play to more people. That makes things easier on a family."

Charles Epting

For now though, there are a handful of Uproar dates to be played before a month off and then a swing through South America. "Uproar has truly been really good," Tuck said. "Starting to feel long, but it's been really successful. Every day it feels like our set is a highlight on the big stage. The signings are insane; a great chance to connect with lots of new fans especially. If they weren't Bullet fans coming in, they seem to be fans going out."

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Can Tuck still relate to the throngs of teenagers that line up at booth signings to meet he and his band?

"Oh yeah. As a kid, I skipped off from school one day with Moose (Bullet drummer Michael Thomas) to go 50 miles from home to see Machine Head do an autograph signing and meet them. Now we're friends with the guys which is totally weird."

Charles Epting

Bullet for My Valentine's latest album, 'Fever,' was released in April of 2010.