You might want to refrain from serenading your girlfriend with a cover of Bullet for My Valentine's 'Bittersweet Memories.' After all, the song isn't so much about love as it is moving on with life after a crappy romance. Just a few seconds into the song and you get the gist: "You turn me off at the push of a button/and you pretend that I don't mean nothing/I'm not a saint, that's easy to tell/but guess what honey?/you ain't no angel."

The track is the band's latest single from their third studio release, 'Fever.'

Listen to 'Bittersweet Memories'

"'Bittersweet Memories' is a classic Bullet for My Valentine f---ed up love song about a relationship breakup," the band tells Noisecreep. "You know when you go through all the painful memories, but at the same time you're f---ing happy that you are now single, and you feel better off as you can now move on in your life? I guess it was chosen as the single as it's the closest thing we've got to a big ballad on our album, and it sounds great on the radio!"

The Welsh rockers will return to America in the fall before heading to Europe for a winter tour.