As part of a spotlight on this psych-rock buzz band, the Village Voice has posted a sneak peak of their Oct. 20 debut album on its blog. Featuring artwork by Ryan Hamilton and a new track entitled 'Skyling Slip,' the Village Voice calls Naam "kraut-metal crushers" who "take the trippiest part of your favorite Hawkwind song and stretch it like space-taffy into hypnotic, riff-driven mush."

Having just recorded their self-titled full-length on an abandoned dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains, Noisecreep checked in with Naam's Ryan Lugar to ask about the track they chose for the Voice. Lugar explains, "If you wanted to just get down to it, you could say it's the 'pop song' (easiest to digest) from our record, and I suppose that's classically always the case for the first single from an album. Kind of a brutal reality."

As for the meaning, Lugar goes on to say that, "The song itself exists in duality; when taken with the rest of the record, it represents literally 'the fall from the sky.' When listened to alone it, becomes more of a hedonistic, good time, simple song. It is that hedonism I imagine that causes a fall from the sky to begin with."

And for the artwork, Lugar tells Noisecreep, "It's simple, clean and totally efficient. Previously, on our self-released EP we had a very busy cover, and it was nice to make a break from that style into a nice design-type feel. My interpretation of the art is just all of the paths on it, all of the ways that you can take and all the places you can end up -- that's really representative of the record as a whole."

Naam's self-titled full-length will be available through Tee Pee Records. Prior to the release of the album, Naam will perform a special Brooklyn show on Oct. 11 at Europa Night Club with Om.

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