Crunkcore, the genre that Brokencyde labor under -- which fuses crunk hip-hop with screamo in the ultimate trendy mash up -- is oft maligned as the nu metal of this generation. Even though it's ugh-inducing among elitists, one must ponder: Does it have staying power? If you ask Brokencyde's Mikl, it has legs.

"We really hope what we have created sticks around forever," Mikl told Noisecreep. "We love to do what we do and make people happy and just have fun, as we always say. But reality is that things change at the blink of an eye and people like new things all of the time. We are very grateful to be where we are, because it has taken us five years to get where we are. So we will stay optimistic and hope for another five years. Our sound is always changing and we grow older, and so does our yearning to try new things."

Brokencyde's 'Will Never Die' is out Nov. 9, and it finds the band evolving -- yet as crunked out as eer. "We started off making music about the hardships in life and relationships, and now we make music about just having fun and not caring of what people think about you," Mikl said. "So you never know; we might make this music forever, or it might evolve into something new. We always bring something new to the plate, so we will have to see."

Mikl said the recording process for their new album was smoother than a baby's bottom. 'Shake' is his favorite jam on the record, because "it's a song about just having fun and dancing. It has really rave'ish kind of vibe. We tried something new, and hopefully people enjoy it as much as we do."

Brokencyde continue to prosper, even in a climate where they are the object of so much hate. They ignore the haters. "We have grown tough skins with all of this hate," Mikl admitted. "All people do by not supporting destroys the essence of music. There are no guidelines on how to make music or what is 'right' or 'wrong.' If people actually had an open mind and actually saw what we're trying to do, they might change their mind about us. Most people are followers, and Brokencyde are leaders. And people don't like that, so they hate."

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