Never say die when it comes to Brokencyde, the crunk-metal act everyone seemingly loves to hate. The Albuquerque, N.M. band have exclusively revealed to Noisecreep that their new album, 'Will Never Die,' is set for release on Nov. 9. BreakSilence Recordings will issue the album. Whether you consider them innovators or freaks who give metal a bad name, they certainly aren't going away. They've got their fingers up, and they are ready to rock.

Lead singer Mikl from Brokencyde said, "With this record, we allowed ourselves more time creatively to do what we wanted, which enabled us to take things to a whole new level! This album speaks to our amazing fans that have supported us through thick and thin, but should be exciting for new listeners as well."

"I have to say this album is the best work we've ever put together," added Phat J. "Fans are going to love it, and haters beware because it's gonna destroy the game." Them's fightin' words, so we'll have to wait until Nov. 9 to see how the record stacks up. With that kind of confidence, Brokencyde may win over some of the haters and make some new fans.

Earlier this summer, Brokencyde spoke exclusively to Noisecreep when they fell victim to an Internet hoax that can be likened to a web crime, as a fake website accused them of being child pornographers. The news spread across the Internet like a flesh-eating virus before it was exposed as a cruel joke.

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