Earlier this year, Brokencyde were the victims of a particularly nasty hoax perpetrated by someone online who said they were worse than child pornographers. The nonsense has since passed, and the band proceeded -- with only a wee bit of caution.

"To be honest, at the time, we laughed at one and the other one went way too far," Brokencyde's Mikl told Noisecreep. "We don't really look back at it, but we have the same feelings toward it and just say that what goes around comes around. We have been through so [many] headaches that most bands would just fall apart and not be able to deal with. All of this just makes us stronger, and we have tougher skins and realize how pathetic some people really are."

Mikl illustrated his good-natured sense of humor about the whole hoax phenomena and said that if he was going to start his own hoax about the band, it would be much more lucrative and aquatic. "Brokencyde just won the lottery," he joked. "We're now $300 million richer, and we are taking their fans on a cruise around the world."

In addition to getting crunk on stage, Mikl cops to being an avid gamer and that "I don't party, I just chill when I'm home. I like to just play online and drink my Mountain Dew and game all day and night."

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