With Incubus on hiatus, lead singer Brandon Boyd has released the track listing and street date for his new project, Sons of the Sea. This marks the second time Boyd has ventured outside of Incubus, with ‘The Wild Trapeze’ being his previous solo effort.

For the self-titled ‘Sons of the Sea’ album, Boyd reunited with producer/musician Brendan O’Brien. The two previously worked together on three Incubus albums: ‘If Not Now, When?,’ ‘Light Grenades,’ and 2004’s platinum selling ‘A Crow Left of the Murder.’ In a recent interview with Billboard, Boyd described O’Brien as “kind of an amazing musician across the board. Any instrument he picks up, he’s really, really phenomenal at.” In-demand rock drummer Josh Freese also appears on the release.

If lead single ‘Come Together’ is any indication, ‘Sons of the Sea’ will see Boyd indulging in bouncy rhythms, coupled with classically catchy melodies. In an exclusive interview with Noisecreep, Boyd confessed that the sexual nature of the song was partially inspired by a classic '80s movie. “It occurred to me early on that I had a very strong visual reference for how I wanted the song to sound," explained Boyd. "The scene from 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' where Phoebe Cates is coming out of the pool in slow motion, the water’s spraying everywhere, and she undoes her bikini top and shows the world the glory.”

‘Sons of the Sea’ is due for release on Sept. 24. Fans can preorder CD and vinyl copies via Amazon.

‘Sons of the Sea’ Track Listing:

1. 'Jet Black Crow'
2. 'Space and Time'
3. 'Untethered'
4. 'Plus/Minus'
5. 'Great Escape'
6. 'Come Together'
7. 'Where All the Songs Come From'
8. 'Avalanche'
9. 'Lady Black'
10. 'That’s No Way to Say Goodbye' (Leonard Cohen cover)

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