Now that Incubus are on another hiatus, Brandon Boyd has continued to pursue his eclectic and melodic tastes with the new project Sons of the Sea. In an interview with Billboard, Boyd details his excitement at working once again with talented producer/musician Brendan O'Brien.

Having worked with O'Brien on three Incubus albums, including the 2011 release 'If Not Now, When?', Boyd was ready for a more creatively intimate pairing with the producer. The vocalist stated, "('If Not Now, When?') was different enough that we were curious to see what would happen if him and I just sat down and actually wrote songs together. Brendan was going to be spending some time here in LA because he was doing another project so he asked me to start sending him ideas and I'd been demoing some stuff at home and most of my musical ideas start on the little iPhone recording devices."

The actual union coalesced when the duo crafted the track 'Lady Black,' which is featured on the 'Compass' EP. "A day later he called me at a friend's house and he's all excited like 'Check this out!' And he played me back my voice recording but then played the guitar part along with it," added Boyd. "And that was really all we needed to really say like, 'Let's actually do this. There's something here."

Brandon Boyd's independent spirit was clearly evident from his 2010 solo effort 'The Wild Trapeze,' but with 'Sons of the Sea' he's slightly altering his ways with O'Brien lending vocals and lyrics to the album. In addition, prolific drummer Josh Freese turns up on the recordings. With the collaboration, Boyd admitted he was able to "exercise his inner control freak in the best possible way."

If you want to continue to see Boyd's freak flag fly with his rock melodies, the Sons of the Sea debut album is slated for a fall release.

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