The metal world was saddened by the sudden and tragic death of Black Tusk bassist-vocalist Jonathan Athon, who passed away over the weekend after suffering serious injuries in a motorcycle accident. Now those mourning Athon will have a chance to pay their respects as a public memorial has been announced for the late musician.

Black Tusk revealed on their Facebook page that the memorial will take place this Saturday (Nov. 15) in Franklin Square in Savannah, Georgia. Fans, family and friends are invited to attend, with Ghosttown Tattoo doing memorial tattoos as well with proceeds going to offset the medical costs incurred by Athon as doctors attempted to save his life.

In addition to Athon, the musician's girlfriend Emily was also involved in the motorcycle accident and a fund is being set up to help pay the medical costs for her, as well as Jason Statts and Keith Kozel. A statement on the memorial can be read below:

We will be gathering from 4-8pm this Saturday, Nov. 15th in Franklin Square (across from Vinnies and Ghosttown Tattoo) to remember Athon. This is for fans and family and friends and anyone who ever crossed paths with Athon or shared a conversation with him. Ghosttown will be doing memorial tattoos during this time period, with proceeds going to offset medical costs. Afterwards at 8pm, close friends and Family will gather at the Jinx for a private memorial. After a few hours, we will open the Jinx to the public. A memorial fund is being set up, with donations going to help pay for the ongoing medical costs for Emily Boutwell, Jason Statts and Keith Kozel, as all of Athons medical expenses have already been taken care of. More information about that when it becomes available.

Meanwhile, the band has also posted a message to their fans and those who have offered their support in the wake of Athon's death. That posting can be read below:

Thanks to everyone for your support over the past few days, it is inspiring to see the breadth of Athon's impact on this world. We are now in the process of putting together a pictorial memorial of Athon and his many accomplishments- and would like your help. Some of the photos that have been shared so far will be used, but we would like to get many more. If you would like to share some of your memories of Athon - not just him, but also things he's built or projects he's worked on - please pick no more than 5 of your favorite photos, and send them to We are aiming to have this done by Saturday, and would like to get as many submissions as possible by 8am on Saturday morning. We will post a link to the collection once we get it up. Thanks again for all of you thoughts---

Our thoughts go out to the family, friends and bandmates of Jonathan Athon.

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