Cook out with your book out. That's the whole motto behind 'Mosh Potatoes,' the new cookbook full of recipes from metal superstars, due out Nov. 30 via Simon & Schuster. So if you've got a metal fan who is also a consummate foodie, now you've got the perfect stocking stuffer.

The book was compiled and written by industry veteran Steve Seabury, who also rocks his face off in Moth Eater. It includes succulent, tasty and mouth-watering recipes from everyone from Zakk Wylde to Pantera to Megadeth. Noisecreep 'dished' with Seabury about the drunken genesis of his ideas, the best plates and the possible second volume of 'Mosh Potatoes,' among other things.

Why did you decide to do a metal cookbook?

About five years ago, I was out one night at a concert drinking with some buddies. I caught the train home and had nothing else on my mind but the munchies. I grabbed a beer at the deli and raced home to cook up some grub. I turned on the Food Network, because that's what I do. I was hoping that there would be some good late-night, drunken cooking show on; sadly there wasn't. Some lame-ass show giving you directions on how to make some five-star crap. I told myself that there should be some cooking show for us drunk people at 3 AM.

I woke up hung over and wrote down some ideas. I went [to work] on Monday morning feeling like a million dollars and pitched the idea to some of the bands I was working with. The next thing I knew, I was starting to get in a s--- load of recipes. Everyone was super stoked to be part of this book.

Have you tried all of the recipes in the cookbook? If so, which are your favorites and why?

I have tried about 90 percent of the recipes so far. Some of my personal favorites are Lita Ford's black bean & salsa recipe; Zakk Wylde's homemade spaghetti and meatballs; Rex from Pantera's BBQ; Athon from Black Tusk has a fantastic grilled shrimp recipe; Mark Morton from Lamb of God has this marinara sauce that is to kill for; and Dave Ellefson from Megadeth has some killer cookie recipes. I might be making them again this weekend because; they are truly bad ass.

Were you surprised at any of the recipes you got? Did you uncover any musicians who were real foodies?

Once I got the first couple of recipes, I wasn't too surprised about the bands' culinary skills. Every recipe in this book kicks major ass. Most of these bands have all traveled around the world numerous times and get to eat the best food that every country has to offer. The bands in this book have some amazing stories, skills on the grill, the kitchen and some wild photos of them cooking up their recipe.

There are a handful of guys that actually went to cooking school and are now professional chefs. This book has it all from gourmet recipes to living-in-a-van-for-six-months type recipes. If you love loud music, alcohol and amazing food, then you are going to love this book. I promise.

Any plans for 'Mosh Potatoes' volume two?

I must have gotten almost 300 recipes for this book. Yeah, I would love to put out volume two. I guess I will have to wait to see what the reaction of this book will be first.

Are you a foodie?

Absolutely. I love traveling, eating and cooking all kinds of food. That's one of the reasons why I love living in N.Y.C. so much. This town has every kind of everything. I love it.

Any musicians on your wish list that you actually got?

I went through my music collection and wrote down the bands that I love and would enjoy seeing what kinds of food they like to make at home. One person who I had to get in the book was Lemmy. The guy is a rock 'n' roll outlaw. It wouldn't be a heavy metal cookbook without a Lemmy recipe. Wait to you see his recipe. Wow! That's all I got to say. Wow!

Any musicians on your wish list for the next edition, if there is one?

Two of my all time favorite bands that I wished I could have gotten for the book would have been AC/DC and Slayer. I tried, but the timing wasn't right. Maybe the next one!

Hey, Tom Araya! Kerry King! You reading this?

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