Black Anvil

New York blackened metallers Black Anvil are currently recording 'Triumvirate,' which features songs like the cleverly-titled 'The Evil of all Roots,' 'Angels to Dust' and 'What Is Life if Not Now.' Bassist/vocalist Paul Delaney told Noisecreep that despite the wordplay in some of the titles, "the tone/lyrics/vibe of the album are all self-centered and very personal. This is the stuff that is left to the listener to interpret." The music, on the other hand, "is way more aggressive than anything we've done in the past. A lot faster, ten times more raw."

Whoa -- 10 times more raw than last year's 'Time Insults the Mind'? The band is currently holed up in a Long Island studio, working diligently. "The great thing is hearing your creation come to life one piece at a time and turning it into a record as the layers build," Delaney said about the process. "My least favorite thing is the down time you sometimes endure. Nothing a little patience won't settle."

Delaney shed some light on the process of getting the songs down on tape, revealing that all the band members are on call all the time, rather than members laying down takes and then leaving the studio after completing their parts, as some bands do.

"We all track live to get drums and a majority of bass down, maybe keep some scratch guitars but nine out of 10 times, we re-do them all," Delaney said. "I go in and touch up bass once the drums are solid, and then we move on to guitars and vocals, breaking them up a bit to give myself the proper breaks so I don't bang out my throat. It's important that we're all there -- all of the time. We don't know any other means of recording as it's a band and not a business. Any other way would be mailing it in."

The album will be out this spring via Relapse. Additionally, the band will take part in the 2010 Scion Rock Fest. This free event will be held on March 13 in Columbus, Ohio.

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