Bison B.C.

Bison B.C. are currently holed up at Hive Studios just outside of Vancouver, where they are tracking their third record -- and second for Metal Blade -- which'll probably release the album sometime in the spring. They'll be there a bit into January.

"So far, it is truly crushing," vocalist/guitarist Dan And told Noisecreep in this exclusive studio update. "I know every friggin' band in the world says that when they've got a new record coming out, but we've only finished the bed track and it already sounds huge. We are once again under the tutelage of mix-master wizard supreme Jesse Gander, who was responsible for our previous two records, 'Earthbound,' on local Forest Records and 'Quiet Earth' on Metal Blade. He's taking us on a dark, mystical, next level s--- kinda journey and going so far as to even help me out with some arranging quagmires. I figure by the fourth record, I'm just gonna hire him to ghost write for me. He's that good!"

What's making the album so friggin' crushing is the different things the band is doing. "We've got lots of interesting ideas that seem great when you're wasted that we will be trying out for layering of different instruments and 'vocal' arrangements," And said. "Maybe try experimenting with some guitar/noise textures and that sort of thing. Real pretentious, arty-farty s--- obviously, just like us. A Russian boys choir? Perhaps. Some orchestral percussion? Who knows! Since we had strings on 'Quiet Earth' and we might end up adding some brass and woodwinds. Hell, we may even start to tour with a pit orchestra, a 'mosh pit orchestra,' if you will."

The album has no title, but And promises end o' the world, apocalyptic and PMA-style lyrics. He shed some light on new tunes, saying, "There's a song called 'Fear Cave,' about how much [vocalist/guitarist] James like top 40 radio, a song about an elephant that's sad and another one about making home brew and one about shooting yourself in the face, metaphorically speaking of course. Oh, and another Wendigo. No real theme besides 'Your life sucks and you're f---ed. We know all about it because we just wrote seven songs about it.' Seven long ones though." Musically, the tunes are leaning towards the "thrash-doom-sludge-crust-pop-punk-noise-classic-rock side of things," And said. "Which I guess is pretty much where the other records leaned, too! But stay tuned to find out which genres get more attention this time around. If you are like me and you hate music, you'll love it!"

While the band will tour a bunch in support of this massive opus, And said, "We will be spending the rest of the winter at home here in gray, rainy, horribly depressing Vancouver, eagerly anticipating being arrested and/or severely beaten by riot police for being mistaken for homeless, junkie rabble-rousers during the 2010 Winter Olympic ceremonies being held here. Wish us luck and please come bail us out."

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