Have you heard the one about the nine-year-old guitarist from Atlanta Georgia who moseyed in to Las Vegas and blew George Lynch away? It happened last weekend at the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp.

Noisecreep has been on hand at the camp enough times to know that once in a while it teenage prodigy will turn up and play way beyond his years. But Benjamin Bluestein caused a lot of jaws to drop, including that of famed shredder George Lynch (ex-Dokken, T&N), who had a chance to play guitar with the youngster.

As excited as everyone was about visiting rock royalty Alice Cooper, Ace Frehley, Jordan Rudess and Mike Portnoy, there was also a pretty big buzz about this kid who's only been playing guitar for two years.

Benjamin's mom Lisa told Noisecreep that as good a teacher as he has back home, there's still been something very special from the moment he first picked up a guitar while at his sister's drum class. Well-known bass player Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne, Vince Neil, Billy Idol) was Ben's counselor at camp last week. He told Noisecreep that he was incredibly impressed with the youngster's playing not just because of how technical he can play, but because he also seems to have a feel for the music and understands "how to get inside of a song."

Watch Benjamin Bluestein Shred at Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp

Bluestein told us that he dreams about a career playing guitar for a living and should he reach that goal, who knows, maybe people will look back at this video and say, "Yeah, we knew he was going to make it."

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