Don't expect any eyeliner or designer looks from Baptized in Blood. This Canadian riff monster, endorsed by none other than Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, wants to bring the grit back to metal.

"[Justin Timberlake] brought sexy back, now we're bringin' dirty back! Dig it," guitarist Josh Torrance told Noisecreep. And it's with unhinging excitement that we are proud to premiere the video for 'Dirty's Back,' which is likely the first look at this up-and-coming act for many.

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Filmed in a warehouse riddled with holes and reeking of rotting fish, frontman Johl Fendley admitted in a recent behind the scenes video that "it fits, really" -- and he's right. There couldn't be a better place to make such a statement.

Baptized in Blood's self-titled Roadrunner Records debut is out now.

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