Pennsylvania hardcore superstars August Burns Red are releasing their first-ever DVD, 'Home' on September 28. Noisecreep is proud to premiere this exclusive video clip from the DVD, which shows the band's backstage antics and the musings of one Todd Lucifer Clemons. Todd Lucifer Clemons? Who the hell is that, you wonder? Perhaps it's a roadie? A tour manager? The merch guy? Nope, none of the above. TLC is the alter-ego of vocalist William Jacob Luhrs! TLC even has two dogs named after a rap-metal icon (or idiot, depending on who you ask and on what day!)

"In the clip you'll see us diving in the alter ego world of our vocalist, William Jacob Luhrs," guitarist J.B. Brubaker told Noisecreep. "Jake does a plethora of characters while we're on the road together. Highlighted in the DVD is his most popular alter ego, Todd Lucifer Clemons, who is a 32-year-old single Southern simpleton who still lives at home with his Meemaw and her two dogs, Fred and Durst. Todd surfaces at random times or whenever called upon by other members of the band. Todd's happy-go-lucky outlook on life is often a breath of fresh air to a sometimes stuffy atmosphere inside the van." Just take a peek of this video to get a load of Todd.


Brubaker, a die-hard Phillies fan, is also very optimistic about the team's playoff hopes and run at a third World Series appearance in a row. "I predict the Phils and the Braves will flip-flop the top spot in the NL East for the next two weeks," he reasoned, "until the Fightin' Phillies finally prevail in the final series of the season in Atlanta.

"If I must get specific, the Phillies will clinch the division after winning the first of three in Atlanta. Ryan Howard's bat will come to life and Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt will continue their dominance down the stretch. If it's any consolation to Braves fans out there, Atlanta will win the wild card. You heard it here first." Place your bets.

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