Columbus, Ohio's Attack Attack! know about about getting grief. They're one metal act many elitists love to hate -- right up there with Brokencyde in terms of criticism heaped upon them. But despite the snarls and glares, the band continues to do well. Their self-titled second album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Independent chart earlier this summer. Additionally, their much-anticipated This Is a Family Tour will run for five weeks, kicking off Nov. 11 and running through Dec. 19.

While being "popular with the kids" might not translate to additional street cred, Attack Attack! are at least being innovative with their mix of screamo and synths. More power to them for being daring and continuing on despite the haters raining on their parade.

The first week of the Attack Attack! tour dates will include Pierce the Veil, Of Mice & Men and In Fear and Faith as openers. Emmure will jump on board beginning Nov. 21.

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