The anniversary of Tool's debut studio album Undertow is just a week away, and what better way to celebrate than looking back on the band's time in the studio? Even more specifically, you can check out some old footage from when Henry Rollins joined them to record the song "Bottom."

The video was uploaded on YouTube by Sylvia Massy, who co-produced the album with Tool at Grandmaster Studios in Hollywood. Though it's been on her channel since 2016, it's resurfaced on reddit just in time for the album's upcoming 27th anniversary on April 6. We know much of Tool's fanbase may have seen it, but in case you haven't, you can watch it below.

Tool developed a relationship with Rollins when they opened for the Rollins Band in 1992. The vocalist provided guest vocals for the seven-minute track, particularly the spoken-word section in the latter half. However, Maynard James Keenan later told Musique Plus [via Rolling Stone] that the guest appearance wasn't necessarily for the reason most creative collaborations occur.

“[Rollins]'s kind of a bad poker player," Keenan explained. "Turns out he was losing the T-shirt money. He was borrowing from the merchandiser to play poker with us and he’s really bad at bluffing. So we pretty much nailed him, and that’s actually how we got him to play on the album.”

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