Michigan's As They Sleep held back no death metal punches when it came to their sophomore album and Solid State debut, 'Dynasty.' The album itself is built around stories of kingdoms' rises to power and their prideful falls. 'Oracle of the Dead' itself is a commanding blast against "the human race," as frontman Aaron Bridgewater told Noisecreep. But for the video, the band scraped following the song's meaning to go off the ropes and onto the mat with director Drew Russ' wrestling idea.

"[The video] definitely captures the feeling, but I wouldn't go as far as to say the meaning," Bridgewater explained. "The song definitely is not about wrestling. It was a zany idea that the director had, but we were all down with it. We just wanted to do something weird and off topic. Mission accomplished."

Watch As They Sleep's 'Oracle of the Dead' Video


Noisecreep is proud premiere this fun video for a deeply serious song. Sit back and enjoy the flying elbows.

But despite all the good times, the actual filming turned out to be quite draining on Bridgewater. "Long" was his quick way to sum up the process.

"It was a super long day man; fun, but long. Remember 'Making the Video' on MTV? Well, I used to watch it sometimes and some pop star would be crying about how long the day was, and I'd be like, 'Oh whatever, you're just some rich sissy. Suck it up, so you can make another million.' Well, now I kind of get it, except for the being rich part."

With such a video, we had to ask the frontman his favorite wrestler of all time was. And after some debate, it was narrowed down slightly. "We'll call it a tie. It's between Jake the Snake, and the Million Dollar Man. I've always wanted to be rich. And muscly."

And if you think the band will go for a serious, dark and dreadful video next time around, think again. "There is plenty more where this came from," said Bridgewater, keeping future details a secret. "Our idea for the next video is like a dream come true for me."

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