Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and his rocker wife Pearl Aday became first-time parents over the weekend.

Revel Young Ian was born three weeks premature, but both mother and son are doing fine. "Happiest day of my life," the proud father Tweeted yesterday. Aday is the daughter of singer Meat Loaf and released an album called 'Little Immaculate White Fox' in 2010.

As Noisecreep previously reported, Ian decided to sit out Anthrax's July shows to stay home with his wife and baby. "I won't be playing the shows scheduled from July 2 - 16 in Europe and the UK," said Ian at the time. "My wife Pearl and I are expecting our first child and she is due literally the day of the Big 4 Sonisphere show in France.

"This decision to miss these shows was a deeply personal one. I co-founded this band July 18, 1981 and for almost 30 years, I have been there for everything we've ever done. I have never been faced with anything that would make me even question being there for anything Anthrax related. Becoming a father is the biggest, best thing that's ever happened to me and it made the decision relatively easy. My priority is with my wife and the birth of our first child."

Later this year, Anthrax will release 'Worship Music,' their first album with vocalist Joey Belladonna since 1990.

Watch the video for 'In My World' by Anthrax

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