Richie Sambora's partnership with Jon Bon Jovi is apparently stronger than ever, especially after Sambora sought treatment in rehab earlier this year.

Bon Jovi recently told Seven Days, a UK magazine, that "it was great for Richie to go and take care of himself knowing full well he was not being fired or punished. He needed and wanted to seek help. Now he's focused, re-energized and everything is great. Our partnership is as strong as ever."

After Sambora checked into rehab in Los Angeles in April, the band issued a statement supporting his efforts to battle the bottle. The band's statement also revealed that they would continue to tour with a fill-in guitarist, which caused some diehards to wonder if Sambora's footing in the band was unstable. However, Sambora left rehab after a month of treatment and rejoined the Bon Jovi tour overseas.

Bon Jovi would not go as far as to intimately address the nature of the progress Sambora has made. "How can I comment on that without knowing the disease? I think he's very cognizant of the situation and loves his mother, daughter and band more than anything in the world," Bon Jovi said. "I'm very proud of his efforts. He's still my dearest friend."

Sounds like the Bon Jovi-Sambora partnership still has many miles left on the odometer.

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