Iwrestledabearonce's new album 'Ruining For Everybody' is not a black metal record, despite the band's recent thinly veiled web hoax indicating that they were switching genres.

For a free taste of the forthcoming album, all you need to do is go to their Facebook page and click the 'Like' button. You will then be able to enjoy a new song dubbed 'Next Visible Delicious' that will punch you in the face with its Nintendo-metal stylings. Thanks to IWABO's unpredictable, refuse-to-adhere-to-any-genre-or-go-down-easy metallic bluster and electronic wizardry, you will feel like you stepped into a video game and a carnival house of horrors all in the space of a single song.

Singer Krysta Cameron shrieks like she needs to be institutionalized, but also offers up an angelic, pretty vocal. She is not to be trusted; she will cozy up to you, only to boot you in the balls without any warning! That's why we love her!

Iwrestledabearonce's 'Ruining It For Everybody' is due out July 26th via Century Media Records.

Watch the video for 'Danger in the Manger'

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