As they get older, they get more offensive -- if you are "offended" by profane, irreverent, obscene (and funny, depending on who you ask) grind, that is. Anal C--- have risen like a demented, spandex-clad, hairsprayed phoenix with their new album, 'F---in' A,' which um, celebrates the trashy glam of the '80s Sunset Strip scene.

One only need to check out the track titles -- like 'Hot Girls on the Road,' 'I'm Gonna Give You AIDS' and F--- Yeah!' -- to realize that AC have purposefully set out to defile all that is sacred to glam rockers. Even the cover riffs on Mötley Crüe's iconic 'Too Fast for Love' album art. The more things change, the more Anal C--- continue to peddle ultraviolent, noise-added grind. They remain proud degenerates, and that's why we love them.

Due out Jan. 11, 'F---in' A' will also be available in an expanded vinyl edition this spring.

When asked about whether or not being so offensive becomes fatiguing, vocalist Seth Putnam told Noisecreep, "I still enjoy doing it and I am not bored of it. I do it to entertain myself." Putnam's also not sick of the band's endless comparisons to fellow subversive underground rock legend GG Allin, saying, "He asked us to be his back up band in February of 1989."

Putnam isn't very well-versed in the current hard rock, metal, grind or whatever-core scene. And he's glad about it, saying, "I have no idea what's going on, and I pay no attention to the scene. I have no idea what's going on. Our own ideas influence the band. Nothing I have heard has influenced me." That declaration certainly shouldn't surprise any longtime fans.

Pillaging will commence this spring, when AC return to the road, hitting the US tour circuit in April and then spending May and June in Europe. Also, 'F---in' A' will be followed by the murderous 'Wearing Out Our Welcome,' which was initially intended to come out first. "It blew up into two records, but the original title was 'Wearing Out Our Welcome.' That album will be the usual-sounding Anal C---, and the usual song topics, instead of c--- rock, which is 'F---in' A,'" Putnam explained.