An Early Ending will release 'Igniter' on CI Records on September 6th. The band and its new album are a testament to the power of music and the resilience of the human spirit. We don't mean to sound like a Hallmark card, but it's true. In 2009, before the band released its debut album 'Bloodlines,' it was involved in a rather gruesome van accident. Aside from the painful physical injuries the members sustained, the band was left on the brink of financial ruin as well. To add another insult to injuries, their career stalled during the healing process. But An Early Ending didn't apply their name to the course of their career and didn't let those circumstances dictate the future of the band. Instead, they chose to soldier on.

"To say that the accident we had was pretty traumatic would be an understatement," vocalist Alex Runk told Noisecreep. "We were sharing a van with our tourmates, Texas in July, when we were struck head on. Fortunately for them, their injuries were pretty minor and they were back on the road touring not long after. We weren't so lucky."

An Early Ending endured an admittedly "frightening time." It was terrifying because the members were in bad physical shape. Runk continued, "I didn't even know if everyone would be alright, let alone if we would ever play again. There were surgeries, recoveries, hospital bills piling up. But in the end, it sort of reinvigorated the band."

The accident was almost a blessing in disguise, as Runk admitted, "Going that long without playing, without performing? It made us realize just how important that was to us and that we weren't going to stop for anything."

Listen to 'Igniter' from An Early Ending

That mindset is represented in 'Igniter.' The band was worried that time and the scene would pass them by. Runk said, "It's a new beginning. I mean, the industry moves so fast and if you disappear for five minutes, people can forget about you. And we spent a lot longer than five minutes recovering. So it's tough. I don't expect the fans we were just starting to win over to be eagerly waiting for a new record. We'll have to win them over again. But we're up for it."

Runk was not shy admitting that the accident was a setback for the band in other ways and that it was hard for the band to go through the recovery period and watch their pass them by. "It's hard watching bands that were your peers start blowing up while you're standing on the sidelines unable to get in the game." But there are no sour grapes with An Early Ending. Runk said, "Some bands might have gotten angry, or even jealous. But we just rooted them on. And now that we're 100% again, we're ready to get back out there. Our fire never went out. Now we're going to get back out there and keep spreading it."

An Early Ending are headed back on the road now. We have no doubt they'll gain the ground that they lost while they were recovering. 'Ignite' is moshy proof of that.

Upcoming Dates:

Aug 16 - Warren, NJ @ Warren American Legion

Aug 17 - Portland, ME @ Deering Grange

Aug 18 - Gloversville NY @ Upper Deck

With Ice Nine Kills & Like Moths to Flames:

Sep 2 - Lemoyne, PA @ The Champ

Sep 3 - Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar

Sep 4 - Richmond, VA @ Kingdoms

Sep 5 - Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11 Tavern

Sep 6 - Columbia, SC @ The Oasis

Sep 7 - Cocoa Beach, FL @ The Hippodrome

Sep 8 - Lake Worth, FL @ Propaganda

Sep 9 - Fort Myers, FL @ Java Pete's

Sep 10 - Tarpon Springs, FL @ The Neptune Lounge

Sep 11 - Marietta, GA @ Swayzes

Sep 13 - Covington, KY @ The Mad Hatter

Sep 14 - Toledo, OH @ Frankie's Inner City

Sep 15 - Buffalo, NY @ Club Diablo

Sep 16 - Toronto, ON @ The Garage Concert Hall

Sep 17 - Southgate, MI @ The Modern Exchange

Sep 18 - Portage, IN @ Camelot Hall

Sep 19 - Joliet, IL @ Mojoe's

Sep 20 - La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse

Sep 21 - St. Louis, MO @ FUBAR

Sep 23 - Beckley,WV @ Dry Hill Community Center

Sep 24 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Club Relevant

Sep 25 - Boonton, NJ @ The Canvas Clas