Like extreme sports and motorcycles and participate in those activities? Then we have good news for you, as Bleeding Through bassist Ryan Wombacher has launched Hellmerica Customs, a brand new company serving the motorcycle and extreme sports communities. Wombacher is a longtime Harley enthusiast and a skateboarder, as is customary for rock and metal dudes. Bikes! Boards! Basses! Those are critical item for any quality rock dude worth his salt! But Wombacher is taking his passion a step further by putting it into action in a way that benefits others who share his interests.

So what does Hellmerica –cool name, by the way- do? It boasts a line of uniquely hand-painted helmets, boards and more.

"Ever since I bought my first car, a 1971 Ford Torino, at the age of 16, I've been messing around with custom painting," Wombacher said in a statement. "One summer during a break from touring with Bleeding Through, I decided to take my hobby to the next level by forming this company." Anyone who is in a band knows the job comes with plenty of down time in between tours and recording, so Wombacher made the most of his free time.

Wombacher's initial run of hand-painted, vintage motorcycle helmets did well so he was inspired to branch out in incremental steps. Airbrush, one-shot paint, pin striping, gold/silver leafing and leather tooling are among the skills Wombacher has developed with Hellmerica!

Watch 'Line in the Sand' from Bleeding Through

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Hellmerica Customs has also expanded to include custom paint jobs for guitars, basses and other band equipment. To boot, the company launched a brand new online store. Custom designs are a hallmark of Hellmerica. "Everything I do is one of a kind. I don't like to repeat myself," Wombacher said.

We love an ambitious and creative rocker who puts his other skills to work.

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