The Van's Warped Summer 2011 tour wraps up in just a few days, and for one UK rocker, the end of the tour was marred by some bad news from back home.

Noisecreep spoke with Asking Alexandria lead singer Danny Worsnop at the Carson, Calif. stop for his thoughts on the brutal riots taking place in London and throughout the UK.

"The human beings who are doing all the rioting, on the whole are sh--. Pure sh--. They're supposedly getting worked up about a guy that got shot and it makes no sense whatsoever. I think they just wanted something to go crazy about. These types just look for any excuse to bleed the world for everything it has. It's a joke. This one thing goes wrong and then it's instant chaos. I seriously can't believe it on the one hand. But then, when I look at it, it sort of makes total sense. There's a lot of bad stuff that's brewed over there for a long time."

Worsnop only found out about the riots after he heard other bands talking about them. "On a tour like this, where you're moving around a lot, things truly become a blur. I could be in Hawaii right now and not even know it. We're some of the only English people here and I think were literally the last to know anything was going on over there. We're in this bubble most of the time."

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The singer was angry about the behavior of the rioters, and he was also dealing with the stress of a long summer tour. "I'm very tired, exhausted, I need a break - a vacation - very badly," he told Noisecreep. "So we're taking a month off at the end of Warped."

It's the first time Asking Alexandria ever experienced Warped, and for Worsnop, it took a little getting used to. Especially on this day.

"You never know what time you're going to play," he said. "It's always announced the day of the show, so it's hard to plan. For instance, I bought a house this morning here in Los Angeles. So I had to be there at 7a.m. to sign the papers. Because I didn't know what time our set was today. It's fun here, unpredictable, but it's really hard to plan anything. That said, I've always wanted to live here in Southern California, since I was a child. So it was worth getting up early I guess."

Asking Alexandria begins a headlining tour in the UK in January 2012.

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