Heavy metal bands will never stop butting heads with conservatives when it comes to controversial lyrics, bold subject matter, bloody album artwork, or over-the-top video concepts. Minnesota's After the Burial are certainly no exception. The band's video for 'Pendulum' has been delayed ever since it was shot last December. What's the hold up? Apparently, on-set chaperones deemed much of conduct in the video unbecoming.

The video features the band invading an all-girl Catholic school and encouraging the uniformed ladies to engage in some uninhibited fun in their gymnasium. Apparently, when the girls began letting loose and grinding on one another, the chaperones, who happened to be conservative Catholics, went into an uproar. Ultimately, the director and his production company were slapped with a cease and desist notice, blocking the release of the clip.

You can check out stills from the shoot here. To Noisecreep, it looks like a bunch of teenage girls having fun, letting their hair down, and dancing to some aggressive music. That's hardly a mortal sin.

It's anyone's guess as to when or if this supposedly salacious clip will ever see the light of day. After the Burial plan to shoot yet another video, this time for the song 'Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You.'

'Pendulum' appears on the band's new album, 'In Dreams.'

Watch a video of After the Burial in the studio

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