In the last few months, no other album has gotten as much love on the Noisecreep stereo as Black Breath's Sentenced to Life. Released back in March by the folks at Southern Lord (Pelican, All Pigs Must Die), the 10-song collection sounds like a long lost Entombed album if the Swedes had listened to more American punk and hardcore than death metal.

The albums first track, "Feast of the Damned," is one of the sickest opening cuts we've heard in years and Sentenced to Life doesn't let up from there. So stop effin' around and pick up the damn thing!

Since they hail from the Pacific Northwest, Noisecreep asked Black Breath drummer Jamie Byrum for his list of the five most underrated Seattle bands. Check it out below along with Black Breath's upcoming tour dates.

5 Most Underrated Seattle Bands of All Time

by Black Breath's Jamie Byrum



"From Olympia, these guys are one of my favorites and a crucial part of growing up in the Northwest for me. Super sludgey metal with that classic NW tongue and cheek humor about it. On K Records."

The Fastbacks

Sub Pop

"Really amazing pop punk dating back to the early '80s. Extremely original songwriting and killer guitar playing. Great vocals with massive hooks."

The Lewd

Kurt Vanderhoof

"Disgusting punk that started in Washington. Featured Kurt Vanderhoof from Metal Church on guitar and bass. The song "Mobile Home" was covered well by Turbonegro on the Ass Cobra record."

Jough Dawn Baker


"Really cool emo hardcore from Bellingham. Started in the early '90s and were way ahead of their time, as far as I'm concerned. Really original songs and musicianship. Used to see them live all the time."

The Mukilteo Fairies


"Awesome hardcore that was a precursor to Behead the Prophet who were another awesome band from Olympia."

Watch Black Breath's "Home of the Grave" Video

Black Breath's latest album, Sentenced to Life, is available now via Southern Lord. Pick your copy at this link! Check out the band on one of the following tour dates listed below their video.


7/25/2012 You Revolution Electronic Bar – Tijuana, Mexico

7/26/2012 Rocket Bar – Queretaro, Mexico w/ Antimaster

7/27/2012 Sergios – Monterrey, Mexico w/ Antimaster

7/28/2012 Steel Metal Bunker – San Luis Potosi, Mexico w/ Anitmaster

7/29/2012 Foro Alicia – Mexico City, Mexico w/ Antimaster


8/22/2012 Zion – Nagoya

8/23/2012 Hokage – Osaka

8/24/2012 Rockets – Osaka Namba

8/25/2012 Club Asia – Tokyo Shibuya

8/26/2012 Antiknock – Tokyo Shinjuku

SEPTEMBER (w/ Nasum)

9/20/2012 TBA

9/21/2012 @ Truckstop Alaska, Gothenburg (Sweden) w/ Black Breath, Skitsystem

9/22/2012 @ Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (Denmark) w/ Black Breath

9/23/2012 TBA

9/24/2012 @ Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht (The Netherlands) w/ Black Breath

9/25/2012 @ Underworld, London (UK) w/ Black Breath

9/26/2012 @ Glazart, Paris (France) w/ Black Breath

9/27/2012 TBA

9/28/2012 TBA

9/29/2012 @ Gala Hala, Ljubljana (Slovenia) w/ Black Breath

9/30/2012 @ Durer Kert, Budapest (Hungary) w/ Black Breath

OCTOBER (w/ Nasum)

9/1/2012 @ Randall, Bratislava (Slovakia) w/ Black Breath

9/2/2012 TBA

9/3/2012 @ Fabryka, Krakow (Poland) w/ Black Breath

9/4/2012 TBA

9/5/2012 @ KB, Malmö (Sweden) w/ Black Breath, Skitsystem, Pyramido

9/6/2012 @ Debaser Medis, Stockholm (Sweden) w/ Black Breath, Skitsystem, Massgrav