Black Breath, 'Heavy Breathing' (Southern Lord): The Catholics say deliver us from evil in the Lord's prayer, but Seattle's Black Breath deliver us some evil with 'Heavy Breathing,' a fast slab of garage-metal and crusted-over punk that'll leave you with a case of tinnitus after one full listen. 'WEWHOCANNOTBENAMED' and 'Escape From Death' will cloud your world with sludge-caked metal. Think of what Motörhead would sound like after overdosing on a variety of uppers and other caffeinated substances.

Raven, 'Walk Through Fire' (Metal Blade): The Gallagher Brothers -- no, not Liam and Noel of Oasis fame, as those Gallagher boys have one thing in common with these Gallaghers, and that's their mother land -- have been offering up 52 karat English metal since 1975. Over three decades later, they're still hootin' and hollerin', even after guitarist Mark was sidelined by an auto injury. Raven, who used to take Metallica and Anthrax on tour with them, are still playing fast, singing high and aligning themselves with the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Saxon. 'Walk Through Fire' is classic thrash for those who like to hold their horns high.

Destinity, 'XI Reasons to See' (Lifeforce): No, we didn't misspell their name. The French metal band actually spells it that way and blasts through 'Reasons to See' with a rage normally reserved for sociopaths, serial killers and unfed, rabid and mistreated Rottweilers. 'A Dead Silence' is anything but, while the anthemic 'To Touch the Ground' demonstrates the band's gloomy, but always death metal range.