30 Second to Mars never fail to impress with what they can do within the confines of a music video. Remember the epic ‘This is War,’ now clocking in at 30 million views? The California rockers did something so simple for the video for their new song ‘Do or Die,’ out Sept. 9, from their current album ‘Love Lust Faith + Dreams,’ but it turned out be impactful, touching and uniting.

Running seven-minutes in length, the video is preceded by a warning that it “may cause some viewers with photo sensitive epilepsy and other similar conditions to potentially experience seizures” and that “viewer discretion is advised.” But what follows has nothing to do with that; that really is just a medical warning.

Shot over the summer on tour, the video features live footage of 30 Seconds To Mars singer-guitarist Jared Leto, drummer Shannon Leto and bassist Tomo Miličević onstage, as well as meeting fans (their special devotees are known as members of ‘The Echelon’) and enjoying their travels, plus the truly emotional part: stories from their young fans about the importance of music in their lives and some very personal struggles -- and, of course, their dreams.

It opens with a young German man talking about how the song reminds him of his dad so he chose to play it at his funeral after he died suddenly from a heart attack. “I feel like something is missing right now, something very important is missing…” he says to the camera. “My dream is to have a good life. If I have a life like he had, my dream became true.”

In the middle of the night when the angels scream / I don't want to live a lie that I believe / Time to do or die,” are the opening lyrics. “I will never forget the moment the moment / I will never forget the moment / And the story goes on / That's how the story goes / That's how the story goes…

“Most of the interviews, I did myself, so they're really intimate,” Jared Leto told MTV. “It's me, it's them, and it's the camera. What I've found is, that if you talk to everybody long enough, you find an incredible story. Every single person has a moment in their life, something that they've found a solution for, a story to tell. Some are funny, some are really intriguing, and if you ask the right questions, you get interesting answers."

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